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VIRTUAL ACQUISITIONS (available online )   


  • Electronic access to ABNT standards for consultation - Access is through the website from a network point INSIDE the UFG. 

Download HERE the step by step tutorial. If you cannot see the standard please go to: to see the technical recommendations.

      Company: ufg   User: sibi.goiania   Password: sibi.goiania


  • Economática Base - discloses quotes and balance sheets of companies in Brazil. Access at the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Economic Sciences (FACE) and the Central Library (BC).


  • UFG Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (BDTD / UFG) - theses and dissertations produced in UFG's graduate programs from 2006. Open Access.


  • Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (national) - Theses and dissertations produced in graduate programs of various Universities in Brazil. Free access.


  • Springer E-books - Collection of 7,000 titles, in English and in PDF format. Areas: architecture, design and arts; environmental sciences; biomedical sciences and biology; behavioral sciences; computing and web design; economics, business and administration; engineering, physics and astronomy; humanities; social sciences and law; mathematics; medicine and chemistry; materials science and computer science. Access at Choose the area of interest on the left, then choose Book and the date of publication. UFG has access to the 2008 and 2010 collections.


  • Wiley E-Books - Download HERE for the full list of direct links to access the Wiley- acquired eBooks from Wiley publisher, all in English. Areas: Physics, Medicine, Nutrition and Psychology. Access is from a network point within UFG or via Proxy (for UFG servers and master and doctoral students) at


  • Portal Capes - national and international electronic journals. Access from a network point within the UFG or via remote access through the CAFe network at     

Searches at

ATTENTION: it was changed the way to access the SCIFINDER base. See HERE for access instructions. 


  • UFG Journal Portal - electronic journals published by UFG. Free access.


  • UFG Institutional Repository - makes available, with the author's permission, scientific articles and other documents produced at UFG. Free access at